agosto 26, 2016

About us

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Aim of the Project

The main aim of BeYouth project is to increase the general feeling of belonging to the EU of young citizens living in eight small and peripheral towns located in seven different EU countries by encouraging them to participate actively in local civic life.


There will be 8 partners, you can find information regarding each one of the in “Partners” section of the Homepage. Each partner will create a working group integrated by young administrators and politicians, youngsters active in civil society organizations and opinion leaders.

Structure of the Project

The project is structured in 8 international events in 7 different countries, you can find further information in “Meetings” section. Each partner will host one event where different activities will be carried out.

The activities will then result in conclusions, collection of best practices and jointly defined strategies to be spread through the communication outputs realized during the project and through institutional communication activities of each municipality and partner.


The forms of activities are variable: conferences, workshops, seminars, discussions, debates, presentations, interviews but also some alternative and more dynamic activity in order to create a stimulating environment: role playing games, creative LAB, photo tour,etc. Moreover feedback and opinions from citizens will be collected through interviews.

In addition, different experts will be invited to present the EU youth strategy, the Erasmus+ Programme and other relevant topics.